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Has anybody else been moved by this movie?

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

It's about an Auzzie that is exactly what the title says, except not really that nearly dead. He comes to America and does a 60 day "juice fast". He accomplishes what he set out to do.

But the thing that moved me to action was the trucker he meets, and the truckers' transformation. It is simply amazing and inspiring.

So I figured if the trucker could do it, so should I. But instead of juicing, I'm using a vitamixer and drinking/eating the pulp. No animal products, dairy, or grains. Just fruits, a little, and veggies.

I tried the 70g/day carb diet and gained 3#'s in the month. So I knocked it on its head and started the plant based way of eating.

I am a healthcare professional that is diabetic and hypertensive and obese. This is not setting a good example for my patients and I was a hypocrite. I hate hypocrites with a passion reserved by most people for child molesters. So I have a bit of a self loathing issue to deal with as well.

I also believe that the medications I was prescribing and was taking, was not helping my patients or me, just maintaining the status quo.

Now, I'm eating, almost solely green foods, and walking 2 miles a day, only for the past 2 days, so far. I broke down and had a bunch of sunflower kernels and a strange craving for worshchestershire sauce, so a chugged the sauce from the bottle. I have always loved the stuff, but never chugged it before. I'm back on the path again.

I really really want sausage and Bacon really badly, but I want off my medications more. For Christmas, I'm eating nothing but Bacon.

I started at 253# 10 days ago. Today 247, I'm disappointed buy the weight loss is a secondary goal for me anyway.

Has anyone else seen this movie? What di y'all think?
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