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I don't think Glock is cutting too much on the costs. I have a couple gen4's and they are all very reliable now, just like the old ones which I have as well. I also can't complain about the gray dull finish, it's holding up well so far.

The only thing they had major problems with are the extractors. Some of them are/were out of spec. I am sure one of their extractor MIM molders is/was out of spec because not all gen4's came with problems out of the box, and the ones which had problems can be fixed by replacing and tweaking extractors. I fixed the erratic ejection of two gen4 G19 and a few gen4 G23 by replacing extractors with new different numbered OEM extractors.

All of them still work like a sewing machine. The first one I fixed was a G23 gen4, it has now about 3500 through it and still shoots and ejects like it should.

MIM parts are normally not bad as long as they are in spec and done/molded correctly.

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