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Originally Posted by CJStudent View Post
I can't open the link right now, but if it's from the previous stories I've read on it, it was a contract for UP TO a particular amount. DHS owns and operates the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, which trains officers and agents from the vast majority of federal law enforcement agencies (including SSA and NWS and many other obscure agencies' Offices of Inspector General Special Agents). Think about how much firearms training is done in LAPD's academy. Then think about how many academies are going on AT ONE TIME on FLETC; it's in the dozens. Think about how many rounds each class uses, and multiply that out. That's just the basic classes, not even counting the advanced training that's going on. Plus all the ammo needed for all of the agencies under DHS to requalify and train under their policies. THAT is why they put out those bids.

I understand all of that but all of this ammo is JHP. You don't need JHP for training or qualifications.

And the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service is getting 46,000 rounds of 40 S&W Jacketed Hollow Points. For what? I didn't know their were pistol packing weatherman!!!

The site is " ". Today's story!
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