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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
He's not 'ex-Delta', he's still with them...currently training SF so he can be home and raise his daughters (his wife was killed in an auto accident a couple years ago). If you want any verification of him being Delta, all I have to do is text him and he'll provide. I'm not military, so you'll have to be specific in what you want to know.
So your buddy spent years training to become a member of one of the most classified units in the Army. A unit that the Army doesn't acknowledge to exist (and expects its members to do the same), but he told you anyway, and regularly regales you with stories of his exploits after a few beers?

On top of that, all you have to do is text him, and he will provide verification for a bunch of strangers on an internet forum?

Does this sound believable to you when put into this context?
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