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Dear M?. Geyer,

This CW9 was a Fed-March 2012 gun. I tried very hard. Once I saw the inside of the frame to the magazine wobble and how it disconnected the mag catch, I quit.

The biggest problems with a non running gun are two:
1) ammo for testing. The ammo that the CW9 burned up seeing if this or that would make it work exceeded the cost of the gun over the spring and summer. Some was FMJ, some was reloads, but a couple hundred rounds of it was Federal HydraShok, Speer Gold Dot, and Hornady 115 FXT Critical Defense.
2) There is only so long and so often a guy can say, OK, I will fix this and then it will run. Hope and Change have their limits.

My daughter bought a M19 Gen4, I bought a second M19 Gen 4, and we added a third older one. They all work.
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