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Thanks everyone for the suggestions... I have been eyeing the MP Shield. That was going to be my husband's next purchase. Maybe I will have him buy it and give it to me as a gift! haha!

I need to think and research any questions that I have, I believe I shot all of this guns, I just have to remember what they were like.

This past summer my husband was looking for a smaller 9mm to use for summer carry cause he wanted something smaller than his G19. And guess what he got?? You DIDN'T guess it... he surprised me by getting a GLOCK 17!!! We had rented all sorts of small 9mm hand guns, which included most of them that were named here. (Think I liked the Walther PPS the best.) And he goes out and gets a full sized gun. LOL!! It is bitter sweet sometimes to have a wife that actually knows about guns. Cause a 17 ain't no summer carry gun. That's for sure.

(Love you honey, if you see this post!)
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