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Originally Posted by eb07 View Post
Everybody has a buddy who is an ex-seal or ex-delta
I know a SEAL, met a few more and trained with a few.
Know a bunch of SF, a couple of Rangers and met a couple of Delta guys. I know a lot of Marine Snipers and a couple of old Recon guys. Know a couple spooks from various alphabet agencies and some "civilians" and I don't even want to know who they really work for.

That pales in comparison to the hordes of grunts, cooks, clerks, mechanics, pilots, technicians Etc I know.

In reality many people know someone who was in the black bag world but don't realize it. those guys are pretty tight lipped. I knew a SEAL for about 6 months before I even knew he was in the Navy. Because of his post Navy career I assumed he was in the medical field. Then he said something that made me question him about it. I had no idea.
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