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Ten years ago I had the same experience (essentially) with Kahr pistols as LampShadeActual. I went through 4 of them before I gave up and got a Glock 19, which in those days were bulletproof. Somewhere along the way I let the G19 go.

Last Summer (2011) I bought an early production G19 Gen4 and a Kahr CW9 (against my better judgement). Imagine my surprise when the Glock was a jamamatic anbd the Kahr ran, and still runs, like a Swiss watch.

You can get a problem gun from any manufacturer, and lately I think they're all cranking as fast as they can and probably cutting corners to meet the incredible demand. But if you look at the Kahr Talk Forum you will not see as high a percentage of posts about problem guns as we do on Glock Talk. There are some, yes, but not as many. I have seen several Kahr pistols at the ranges I shoot at and am always a little suspicious even today. I watch them shoot and talk to the owners. I have not seen or personally heard of a single problem with a Kahr made in the last few years.

You roll the dice with any gun, but I think the Kahrs are as good a bet as any.
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