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Originally Posted by Chris Brines View Post
I know there are democrat voting types aka liberals aka Obama supporters who are pro gun....but to me it is kinda hard to imagine because it goes against pretty much everything that makes a liberal, a liberal. Which to me, no offense to anyone, this is just how I see it, a liberal is by definition, a hypocrite. Of course you won't find that definition on or something like that, it will say "a person with the ideologies that allows the greatest amount of individual liberty", or something along those lines.
The problem is, you're using the political-right's definition of a liberal.

Liberal means that you're in the "live and let live" category. The reason guns come into it is because some see it as a way to not "live and let live" but rather "make you do what I want." I disagree with that view, but it's what a lot see.

Gay rights. Right to choose. These are things that LIBERALS are saying the government should stay out of, while the CONSERVATIVE, small-government types are trying to legislate away. And, yes, liberals do believe in social programs to help those who need help. But the GOAL (granted, it's a failing system right not) isn't to make people dependent on the government, it's to give a safety net until they get back on their feet.

For MOST people - politicians or not, liberal or conservative - guns just ARE NOT that big of an issue. If all else was equal, that might be the deciding vote. Obviously there's not going to be that many that agree with me on this point, since this is a GUN FORUM, but the truth is, it's a pretty fringe issue that doesn't enter into most peoples thoughts when voting.

Anyone wants some political pointers? Here it is:

For those on the RIGHT: Change your platform to support marriage equality and support the legalization (and regulation, like alcohol) of marijuana.

For those on the LEFT: Support programs like drug-screenings for welfare and ID requirements for voting (and make non-drivers' license IDs free).

Those changes to party platforms would generate MASSIVE amounts of cross-over voting.
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