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I know there are democrat voting types aka liberals aka Obama supporters who are pro gun....but to me it is kinda hard to imagine because it goes against pretty much everything that makes a liberal, a liberal. Which to me, no offense to anyone, this is just how I see it, a liberal is by definition, a hypocrite. Of course you won't find that definition on or something like that, it will say "a person with the ideologies that allows the greatest amount of individual liberty", or something along those lines.

Which if you stop and think about it, the hippies back in the 60's were the libs of that time, and they were all about free spiritidness. But liberals of today seem to have gone full circle, from embracing liberty to asserting the need for "a nanny state". Liberals today seem to think the federal government should get involved in literally everything, and that a "ban" can fix any problem.

I'll go and read the article now, I just wanted to say what I thought of the phrase "pro gun liberal" before I did. Glad some liberals are pro gun, but I still don't get how they are pro gun but have leftist views on pretty much everything else. But hey I am not criticizing anyone, to each their own, I am more than happy that there are leftists out there who embrace the 2nd Amendment.
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