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Is Glock aiming at cutting costs recently?

I really admire the simplicity and strong reliability of Glock's, reason being why I have 4 of them (not much by some people's standards). But I first bought my first Glock in 07, the model 23. Ever since then I've bought some and sold some. But when I disassemble to clean them there is somewhat of a notable difference, perceived by me at least, of the different build materials. I just bought a 22, 2 days ago and when I field stripped it, the insides looked different, for starters, the 22 looked like it had some sort of a plastic rail support on the front rails, whereas my 07 Glock 23 does not have the "supports". Also, the locking blocks look like they're plated on the new ones and I've been seeing as to how allot of people are noticing excessive wear and signs of wear on the locking block whereas my Glock 23 has no signs of wear at all on the inside from shooting some 5,000 rounds through it. I haven't given it much thought, but recently the M&P's have caught my attention, it looks like they've made their own polymer version of the Glock, and have done a mighty fine job at it. I know Glock is made in Austria, but I honestly would not be surprised if they've been importing some of the internal's from China like the springs, extractor's, locking blocks, or others of the sort. Because while these parts are very small, when they order 50-60,000 I'm sure they can cut costs and try to rely on their past success to keep people coming back. Then again, I'm just playing devil's advocate . I really like Glock's and between the HK's, and Sig's I've had in the past, I've only held onto the Glock's because I don't see any other handgun taking the Glock's position as leader in utility, reliability, and simplicity and that's all I really look for. I'm not a big fan of firearm's that don't go 'bang' every time their trigger is pulled.
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