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Originally Posted by Gareth68 View Post
I live in a small town. In the last year we have built a new fire station, built a new police station, got another fire truck for the larger new station, and replaced a LOT of sidewalks, oh, and built all new structures at the town park.

One would think the economy was booming.
I see that where I live, not really a small town though. Something I have noticed, the road starts to get rough. First, they go about fixing potholes and sealing cracks, which makes it just look like crap and even rougher at times. Then they re-pave the road. Then a year later, they decide to expand the road or so some other "improvement" and ends up repaving it again. All while messing up traffic for the construction.

I-75 through North Atlanta area. They had just repaved it with asphalt, rode real nice. Then they did a ton of construction and it looked as though they were going to expand it. What they did is made huge mess and expanded the shoulders a bunch, they turned it to the concrete surface, which is kind of in sections and rides rough. Then, most recently, they decided to reroute a small part of it.

Kind of like they remodeled the courthouse in my town while building the new one, and from what I could see, they finished the renovations just in time for the move to the new building. The new building is a great improvement, and I'm glad they built it, but why did they have to spend all that money on the old one that now sits vacant?

I think a lot of people see these things, even if they don't say much. I think more people are getting fed up with the govt. wasting our money.
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