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As an Adminstrator for an EMS taxing district I applaud you for stepping up to the plate AFTER the department is broke. If you were involved in the departments business in any way shape or form then you would have seen this coming years ago. As budgets increase and tax base decreases, we are faced with the task of providing our tax payers the premium level of service they expect for less and less money. When houses foreclose and businesses close, the tax dollars aren't getting paid.

Now you want an appointment to the board of directors so you can carry out your agenda of busting up the union, but not addressing the real problem of decreased revenue. I am not a union member and my department is not union. I am not sticking up for the leaders of your local dept but have they been educated on how to run a public safety service? Have they been to Executive Fire Officers school at the National Fire Academy? Or taken any kind of business management courses? You have an agenda that has no place in the operations of a public safety service. You intend to harm a service instead of trying to help it.

Where were you when the dept needed help with their budget? Where were you when they had a beef with the Chief or the board and decided to go union? Why aren't you at every board meeting asking questions and holding officials responsible? You chose not to be involved and now you want to head up the destruction of the department. They really appreciate your help.

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