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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
There was a waiting list when it was all volunteer
That's because everyone wants to tell the girl at the bar they are a fireman (especially in small podunk towns). Then they get hired, get marginal training, show up every now and then, they quit in 2-3 years, you get a new batch of inexperienced boots, people like you dont care because hey "fireman are staffing the station". I was a volunteer and a reserve FF.

I promised myself I would not get into these discussions anymore in the lounge but you are horrible uneducated on the topic. Both on the volunteer FD portion and the union portion. It is scary that there are other people with your view view points. "greedy union" Pffffff gimme a break. If you had people besides hillbilly's running the place it may have survived.

Keep in mind at your next tea party meeting that there has been a bunch of "greedy union" members in this country that have gave their lives in the line of duty. There are even more greedy union members that save peoples lives all day long, everyday. The same people that would vote away thier positions if it saved them a nickel on their taxes.
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