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Originally Posted by randr1979 View Post
Why I am okay with guns and ammo being expensive.

Going through Cabelas and Brownells I can't help but notice that we Filipinos (minimum wage $1.33/hr) pay two to three times the price people in the USA (minimum wage $7.25/hr) pay for their guns and ammo. Add to that an average of P5,500.00 for licensing, tax and bond, etc. and you are easily paying more than two times what a person in the USA would pay to legally acquire a similar firearm.

I am ok with this.

I am not rich, I barely make ends meet on most days but I understand why having firearms priced high and also requiring rather huge fees for licensing and the granting of carry permits are a good thing.

Drug testing proves nothing, it just says (assuming proper reagents are actually used on the test) you did not have drugs on your system at the time you took the test. Methamphetamine clears up in 48 hours, Marijuana maybe three or four times that duration. Neuro psychiatric evaluations (if actually administered to the applicant) prove next to nothing, it just assures the government that the gun is not going to be handed over to an imbecile (some might debate this).

What are we left with? Cost. The high price of guns and ammo gives a certain level of assurance to society at large that only those who have given it considerable thought will actually go through with their intention to purchase a firearm. Even a relatively rich person will think more than once about spending P45,000.00 to buy a Glock, possibly even more for higher priced brands. Having guns in the hands of people who think about their actions first is more than likely a good thing.

If guns could be had cheaply and on impulse I would expect the rate of hotheaded people shooting at other people would go up, especially in over crowded places like Metro Manila.

Some gun aficionados at times complain that we are getting robbed of our hard earned pesos because of the exhorbitant prices we have to pay to continue and enjoy our passion legally. Everytime similar thoughts come to mind I just imagine the hordes of mostly uneducated and discorteous people who operate dirty diesel powered public conveyances, most of which would not be considered roadworthy if they were to be actually inspected (both the vehicle and operator) and then I imagine, what if this person could actually afford to arm himself with something more potent than a tire iron? I then gladly hand over the P3,000.00 (which is easily a third of what I make every two weeks) to the nice lady at the counter just so I can have another 30 rounds in my magazine for my rifle.
Why do you expect shooting incidents to go up with the easy availability of firearms? Does the presence of a firearm somehow make people more prone to employ lethal force for no reason? Because if people are not killing each other in droves now, what would change with the presence of a gun?

Are these hordes of unwashed masses you speak of killing each other with tire irons and other things in such alarming numbers? Why not call for a ban on tire irons and have special tire iron police who shall be the only ones allowed to carry tire irons and who shall loosen and tighten lug bolts for us so we remove that thing that causes uneducated people to attack and kill each other?

When you get angry, do you tend to want to shoot people?

If not, what makes you assume other people will do that?

If you do, you have no business advocating who should and should not be owning firearms.

Speaking of education, it looks like yours did not include the study of logic and logical fallacies. Lack of education and discourteousness does not necessarily mean that that person will now purchase firearms and use them for no good reason if they were any less expensive. It simply does not follow-Non Sequitur. If someone called for education in logic to be a requirement to own a firearm, and you were thus disqualified to own a firearm, how would you feel?

And since when was a formal education necessary to determine a self defense situation?
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