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Originally Posted by BRoberts243 View Post
it was a good 3-4 inch low at about 25 yards. I know, dialing in at 25 yards isn't typical, but it was so far off that I wanted to get it hitting pretty close there before i stepped it out.
I will take/post a pic tomorrow, getting ready to hit the sack right now.

I didn't notice it being bent, but I didn't specifically check. Would i be able to tell just from looking from the side? Should I lay it down on a table or something to compare it to?

I knew to check for canted front sight and mag wobble before i bought it but didn't read anything about barrel straightness as a problem. I did have to push the front pin about as far as I could to the right when sighting it in, so I may have failed at ensuring i didn't get a canted sight one as well.

I'll try to check the barrel straightness, and will get the pic taken tomorrow when i get home from work

thanks for the quick reply

edit: I had the rear sight on the lowest setting. I've never sighted a rifle before and didn't think about raising POI by moving the rear sight until I had already left
Hmm...usually the front sight cant is the biggest issue. If its not canted...I'm not sure..what sort of ammo are you using?
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