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Originally Posted by Gpruitt54 View Post
Easy response. Obama has been president for 4 years. In the last 4 years, what guns have been taken (by order of this president) from whom?

This has been my initialpoint before all the tin foil helmet talk started in these threads. I admit to getting sucked into the fight by people acting Taliban heathens, demanding that only one point of view is acceptable on this open forum. I think that all the fretting and handwringing are simply ploys to get some low information votes all fired upand ready to go. All fired up for nothing. All fired up over a non-issue.

I can admit that I could be mistaken on one of my comments. But, my primary point is valid, and my assertion that some here are trumping up a non-truth in an attempt to setup political straw man. This happened when Obama won the presidency 4 years ago. I believe Iread some of those conspiracy theory rants here on this forum. I was not a member at that point. I was not a Glock owner then.
Obama IS a gun banner and although he has not been very public about it since running for president (the second debate this year not withstanding), he has always been a gun banner.
The only thing that kept him in check was knowing he had to run for reelection. Once that restriction is lifted, he will be free to impose his view of "the world will be better without guns" nonsense he has embraced. Don't think that he has to go through Congress for this.

In his first term he used executive orders to put restrictions on gun dealers in states bordering Mexico; .....his State Department blocked the importation of tens of thousands of surplus rifles, saying they didn't want them to "fall into the wrong hands" (though every purchase would be reviewed by the FBI); ...his Secretary of State changed the U.S. policy on the proposed U.N. treaty which would restrict gun ownership, transfer and sales -- from opposing these restrictions to approving of them; and let's not forget that his Attorney General (the one who once said we have to brainwash how people think about guns)was found in contempt of Congress in the gun-running debacle called Fast and Furious, but Obama offered Eric Holder the shield of White House executive privilege.

...And all this was while he was having to be careful!

Imagine what is in store once the specter of reelection is removed.

No need to imagine. He tipped his hand in the second debate when he not only called for the return of the Clinton Gun Ban (aka, the "assault weapon" ban), but also took a jab at "cheap handguns," which brings back the memory of the gun banners' efforts to confiscate "Saturday Night Specials" (a term that can be expanded to include all handguns) and any other category of guns they could include.

Barack Obama is a gun banner. But it's even worse.

He has placed two rabidly anti-gun justices on the Supreme Court. If he is reelected, he will get to put two to four more on, which will move the court away from its decisions in the Heller and McDonald cases, and will have the court support Obama's position that no one in this country has a right to own a gun under the Second Amendment. Yes, that's what he said. The Second Amendment, according to this law professor, says that the government (National Guard) can have guns, but there is no individual right to firearms. That's the Supreme Court Obama is currently building.

The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. -F. Scott Fitzgerald
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