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Originally Posted by PMMA97 View Post
No personal experience from my side sir but I have personally read letters sent by the PNP to expired license holders and seen an actual memo from our local police station directing the PNP to conduct house visits for erring license holders.
My dad got two.

First for a 9mil he sold to his friend who's now dead. He can't find the Deed of Sale and he doesn't know if the piece was subsequently sold to another person so he declared it lost years ago.

The second for a .380 which was stolen along with his other valuables just recently.

The letter from the PNP says it's a Notice for Expired License advising him to renew up to a specified time to avoid liability arising from violation of the provisions in PD 1866 and RA 8294 since expired license is considered revoked therefore possession of said firearm is illegal and a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment and confiscation of firearm.

Both are covered with Affidavits which he submitted to local PNP after receiving the letters.

For peace of mind, he wants both guns delisted from his name. Problem is he has to cough out 15k for both. 5k for the 1st offense and 10k for the 2nd offense.

Someone suggested to execute an affidavit stating that he lost both at the same time to save on the Admin charges. Sounds logical as the fines seem per instance and not based on the number of firearms lost. But I am against it as he has already submitted the individual Affidavits to the local PNP which I guess could have reached FED Crame already.

I believe those Notices if ignored, can be a basis for the PNP to apply for Search Warrants and conduct raids. Though they can't charge illegal possession for something that is no longer in one's "possession", who would ever want to go thru the hassle and trouble plus the humiliation of being raided and searched.
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