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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
That would be Bush PROTECTING gun owners not trying to take their guns.

That would actually have been Demorat Mayor and Demorat Chief of Police... STEALING peoples' firearms.

I was here before, during and after Katrina. I was armed and no one dared try to take my firearms. They only prayed on the week and stupid.

Did you actually read the piece you just posted? Did you read it before you posted that the Republicans and George Bush were responsible for the confiscations? You know the post I responded to. Do you realize that Bush signed the bill to stop the Demorats or other politicians from doing it again? To bad the Louisiana's State constitution wasn't enough to stop a Demorat Mayor, Demlorat Chief of police and Demorat Governor.

Does anyone really believe the bill signed by Bush will stop them from trying it again? The Chief of police made the statement, after being told it was illegal, that if we had another disaster he'd do it again. That wasn't long before he resigned.

Why did I/we flame you for your opinion? Because it's the opinion of someone with their head up their own rectum and we're pretty much fed-up with people who have their head up their own rectums that try to force their emotional, illogical and BS OPINIONS on the rest of us.

Easy response. Obama has been president for 4 years. In the last 4 years, what guns have been taken (by order of this president) from whom?

This has been my initialpoint before all the tin foil helmet talk started in these threads. I admit to getting sucked into the fight by people acting Taliban heathens, demanding that only one point of view is acceptable on this open forum. I think that all the fretting and handwringing are simply ploys to get some low information votes all fired upand ready to go. All fired up for nothing. All fired up over a non-issue.

I can admit that I could be mistaken on one of my comments. But, my primary point is valid, and my assertion that some here are trumping up a non-truth in an attempt to setup political straw man. This happened when Obama won the presidency 4 years ago. I believe Iread some of those conspiracy theory rants here on this forum. I was not a member at that point. I was not a Glock owner then.
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