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" Manufacturing? So once it's put together then at that point it's legal?" YES its legal to own a magazine already put together, the problem is the act of you putting it together thats the part that makes it illegal, and its illegal to sell or buy hi cap mags already assembled in cali, unless your law enforcement thats why in cali you can buy rebuild kits to fix old preban mags only , not to make new mags out of kits.
if you are ever confronted by police for the hi cap mag, remember possession is not against the law so you can own them .If the cops dont believe you and arrest you which is highly unlikely, plead the 5th its not your job to explain legal possession it is up to them to prove you illegally imported, bought,sold or manufactured a hi cap mag, I know a guy who was arrested for possession of magazines able to hold more then 10 rnds, he got released from the station few hrs later, and he won a out of court settlement for wrongful arrest.

If I go to a range say I had one that was already built with one it would be
Fine? yes because like I said possession is not against the law.

when I go to the range I usually bring around a dozen 17 rnd mags and 2 or 3 33rnd mags with me. Again Yes you can own use 33rnd mags.

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