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Need some help with my WASR

I was trying to dial in my iron sights on my wasr and it was shooting low, i have the front sight screwed all the way down and its still hitting very low.

This has me looking at some type of red dot or scope and i've googled and searched/read about a million sights (give or take) and am having trouble understanding alot of the terminology so i figured i'd just ask my own question(s).

Can I just move the rear sight up to 1 or 2 mark to compensate for the low shot?

If i go with a scope i was wanting a quick detach side mount. If i get one with a picatinny rail, will most red dots work on it? I like the Midwest Ind. one, but would prefer to spend a little less, more in the Kalinka BP-02 range. Any advice on these two?

I also read about getting some after market iron sights somewhere. Would anyone recommend this set up?

This is basically my only big rifle. other than this i have glocks and .22 rifles. This is also my SHTF gun (as most others) so i want something simple, tough, and versatile.

Any advice/info will be appreciated. Also, if i haven't provided enough info to give sound advice just let me know what else you need to know.

Thanks in advance.

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