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In my experience taking females shooting, especially when it is their first time, they're often intimidated by the noise and the recoil. Good hearing protection goes a long way. Explaining safe handling is always a given, but also explaining what the gun will and won't do helps to relieve some of the intimidation factor. For example, I explain that the gun will not fire unless the trigger is pulled, will not jump out of their hand, will not hit them in the face, etc.

My biggest pet peeve is shooters, both male and female, that lean so far back when shooting pistols or hold the firearm like it's made of (insert random gross material here). If it's my student I will correct them on the spot. I'll usually end up explaining and demonstrating good form several times before the range session is complete, but once range session two comes around the shooter always has a good foundation to build on.

ETA: I just realized I am in the women's forum, I'm not a woman.
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