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Have to say goodbye to the first gun I ever bought. Need advice.

So, a year ago I decided to buy my first gun, a Kel Tec .380. I loved it. But shortly after I got that gun, my boyfriend got me a Glock26. (I loved it so much that I actually ended up marrying him.)

So, I carry the .380 most days, but I carry the 26 whenever I can! Today we went to the range with our .380's because we have a back up gun match to shoot in Saturday and wanted to make sure we were up on our game since we usually shoot our 9's for IDPA matches.

I was sad to see that my Kel Tec sucks now. I've always defended them as you can see from my previous posts. It malfunctioned, had failure to ejects, was really just a big mess. My husband's Taurus worked out pretty well. But I couldn't help staring at my little Kel Tec like it was a boyfriend that I just found out was cheating on me.

So, any thoughts on a good conceal carry gun for a small chick? I want a 9mm or a .380, with a small grip, I want the slide to be able to lock to the rear, I want it pretty much perfect from the factory... (I don't want to have to do too many mods to it.) The rest is negotiable. Price can vary since this is the gun that I will be staking my life upon.

If only the US would allow Glock .380's then I wouldn't be having this issue!

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