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Originally Posted by glockman66 View Post
Why don't you try a sell you baloney somewhere else, it won't sell here(at least to me). It was the city of New Orleans(Nagin & company) that confiscated the guns and didn't return them to their rightful owners. I don't remember the Second Amendment Foundation or the NRA naming any Bush administration officials(Republicans) or FEMA in their lawsuit against the City New Orleans' confiscation and non-return of the firearms.
As Isaac heads toward Big Easy, memories of Katrina rekindled
Tropical Storm Isaac
August 27, 2012
By: Dave Workman

Can the Police Take Your Gun(s) During a State of Emergency?
Posted on October 29, 2012 at 8:07pm
by Jason Howerton

Edwards said it is important that gun owners know their rights, especially ahead of potential disasters like Hurricane Sandy. In 2006, then-President George W. Bush signed an executive order called the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act that strengthened individual gun rights during a national emergency."...

..."“What we saw locally was the mayor and police chief in New Orleans saying, you’re not going to be armed,” Edwards added.

The state of Louisiana also passed their own law that specifically forbids law enforcement agencies of disarming law abiding citizens."...
You dudes need to stop, take breath, and enough with all the hand wringing. Some of you guys seem truly the ipinion of other Americans. Gee, all the name calling, all the flaming. What are you sceared of the peat sakes. I have the right have an opinion that may differ with some of you guys (on some things). I'm not insisting that any of you agree with me. What is so threating about another opinion.

Look, if you cannot make your point against another opinion without all the flame and name calling, that ain't my problem. I am a gun owner, reloader, hunter, shooter who is not a blind follower of a party that I happen not to agree with.

Wow, what is
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