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Originally Posted by M&P Shooter View Post
I have read articles from some of these pot advocates that say they can function fine unlike alcohol users. Sorry if your so anal that you live to pray on any post that don't 100% provide you with a Hooked On Phonics explanation. No is the answer to your next post asking me to provide a link. I don't have time to sit here and start reading on this ridiculous topic to provide you with proof of my post as I don't really care if you agree with me or not.
Actually many alcoholics feel they can drive fine while drunk. Then that tree jumps out in front of them...

Or mommy and her three kids come along in their minivan...

I just can't see the government allowing people to use MJ in instances where they cannot use alcohol. However, I would like it "spelled out" in law before I would vote to legalize it.

Personally I don't care. I don't use it and have no intention of using it.
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