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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Oh-huh..... Guess I should send you my knives for safe-keeping, too.

Probably not. He'd demand the best of care, and right now. I guess he thinks all disabled people are just burdens on taxpayers. He's an idiot, I was working until early this year, and the the largest by far disability check that I get is from private insurance. What the VA gives me isn't much at all, and I don't care that much. I just want medical care for one injury, and the after-effects of some of the treatment I've had. I don't expect them to take care of my bad knee, my cancer, or anything that's not a result of getting shot in Afghanistan. OK, don't mind me, I'm ranting.

I haven't posted in here altely, because I've been having muscle spasms and breathing attacks that would have had me in the base hospital overseas. I just went heavy on the muscle relaxers, and waiting for it to let off some. Still hurts, but not like the last couple of days.
It burns me that they are not willing to give you the care that you need.

I continue to pray that your pain and nightmares will be relieved.
"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me". Philippians 4:13.
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