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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Silly laws shouldn't be obeyed.
Damn straight. Which ones are the silly ones again? Who decides that? LOL

Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
How do you link to logic and common sense?

Do you think the Mexican drug lords are going to let marijuana be legally grown in the United States without wanting a piece of the action for themselves?

Do you think they'll just kiss all those billions of dollars goodbye?

Hell no! They'll literally invade this country and forcibly take control of the marijuana trade. They'll engulf this country in a full scale drug war that will kill thousands of innocent Americans.

Just so a few selfish American potheads can get high. Potheads refuse to see the damage to people's lives that marijuana does. Nobody smokes pot in a vacuum. It all affects other people, directly and indirectly.
I dunno. I see a lot of people growing their own stash. Most folks don't grow their own poppies or cacoa (sp?) plants to make their own drugs, but growing and drying MJ (for fun and minor profit) means little-to-no large-scale pot farming in the US.

Who will the Mexicans attack? Stoners with a small growhouse???

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
You forgot that marijuana contributes to rock and roll music, obscene dancing and interracial dating.
I knew it. I gotta get high before I work with my guitar. 18 months and I've yet to figure that one out. TYCF!
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