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Originally Posted by Lampshade View Post
Kinda silly isn't it.... anyone who might occasionally smoke marijuana in their own home can't legally own a firearm.

Only thing "kinda silly" IMO is the fact that someone wouldn't be able to understand what's going on......except those who desire drugs over everything else.

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Silly laws shouldn't be obeyed.
Sorry my friend......but that's sort of a "silly" statement IMO. Just who gets to state which laws are and which laws aren't, eh?

Somewhere there will be someone who feels murder laws are "silly" ya know? Are we to allow them to disregard those laws because they feel that way? Not hardly me thinks.
If Men Won't Even Obey Their Govt.......What Makes Anyone Believe They Will Obey Their God?

Men Seem To Think Their God Is Like Their Govt.......He Is Supposed To Give Them Things, Not Ask Anything Of them.

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