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Originally Posted by Sveke View Post
Tell me about it....

He's from Texas, remember they have churches that hold 50,000 people and worship dudes like Joel osteen and pat Robertson. I shouldn't have to say anymore. Haha

Go ahead secede, form your own retard republic, announce war on the cartels, and have your own little Alamo 2013. We'll help you pack then we'll light one up and watch.

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Thats almost as stupid as his posts. I am convinced that you are an early 20 something that lives with mom and dad.

Originally Posted by M&P Shooter View Post
It's illegal to drive drunk and can get you jail time but if pot is legal then it's legal to smoke and drive. I can't imagine why anyone would want pot legal
Well, we are two for two with our prohibitionists and common sense! Why in the world would driving stoned be legal? Is it now? Why would it be then? Thats probably the MOST ignorant reason I have heard for prohibition.
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