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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Can you explain why? A response works better if you actually have a reason for it.

Nobody? It's pretty well established that such religious activities violate the establishment clause when conducted on behalf of a government institution at a govenrment activity. This is both.

Should the government have the power to infringe upon 2nd Amendment rights on government property just because others on that property do not like the presence of firearms? They do, of course, but that is not the real issue. Do students have a right to freely express themselves on school property in manner that others do not agree with? Should the government have the power to stifle free speech on government property because some people might get the mis-perception that the government is endorsing that speech? The only concern people have with the signs is that the speech reflects religious thought.

Put your big boy pants on and stop being a wussy. Man up and allow the students the freedom of expression. No one is mandating that anyone agree to the message. And no one really believes the government is endorsing the message. And even if some people find the message offensive, there is no right not to be offended. In a free society we've got to be willing to accept stuff we don't like.

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"An essential element of a mature democracy is the ability to allow others the liberty to exercise a right that you may find distasteful." --LTB

"Government cannot deny its citizens a right on the off chance that right might be abused." --Unknown
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