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We now have a (RED-FLAG-) list.....! On this said list are many things that may seem ridiculous but are no less:-Terroristic !
Cash-A bad thing ! Why would one need cash ? Terrorists.
Duct-tape-also a bad thing . A man can build a deffense with this..! Terroristic !
Velcro-This also a bad thing , a way to attach things !Rag head!
Seeds- A really bad thing for you claim your independence , detach from Walmart ! Again , Terroristic!
Water-You have your own water ? Terroristic behaveior !
Thinking- We'll have none of this , we will tell you what to think!Damn terrorists !
Free speach- No speach , seen and not heard thank you !
Assembly-Only Zombies assemble , sign of terrorism.
Prepers-Why prep ? All you practice is Baaaah , Baaaah,ETC. !
News- No news , only what we think you should hear !
Media-We own Media and will only hear what we want you to hear. Again BaaaaaH , Baaaaah, ETC. Only !
WE ARE WATCHING , JUST Baaaah ,Baaaaah , !
Voting-Nothing from nothing is nothing , Damned terrorists !
Niggles , don't dare , terrorists...........!

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