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Originally Posted by glock_19guy1983 View Post
I wish I had gotten that advice before I got my last benchmade. I bought a Mini Rukus Auto with the half serrated blade. I could keep the plain edge razor sharp, but i just couldnt sharpen the serrated part worth a damn. I ended up sending the knife back to benchmade last week, gonna have them put a plain edge blade on it.
you serious? you are gonna lose some blade material..

i have all partial serrations on my Benchmades..i keep them scary sharp with a Spyderco Sharpmaker..granted, i am only probably realigning the edge, and not actually honing it.

i did send one blade back for work and it came back sharper than it ever was..even new. the spyderco tool works..i just dont bear down very hard in the serrated portion.
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