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Originally Posted by mrstrau View Post
I'm looking for a mixture...the WASR has totally manageable recoil in my opinion...I'm not a big guy, about 5'10" around 180. Its more about flash reduction than felt recoil, although my girl would probably like a bit of recoil reduction. My only concern is NYS...I'm not sure what they consider legal or not legal, weird, stupid ass laws.

Anyway I think the link you sent me was the flash suppressor my guys at my local gun shop suggested.

As for the sights, I suppose I'll have to do more research.
Yeah I believe "flash suppressors" are a no-no in NY state, though you'd want to obviously check. The FSC47 however isn't classified as one as it just keeps the flash inside the brake and doesn't eliminate it all together. That combined with the muzzle braking/recoil compensation just makes it really nice.
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