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Originally Posted by scccdoc View Post
How many people do you help? Is there an organization of atheists which helps people all over the world? We Christians donate millions if not billions AND countless hours of time helping people less fortunate. Give me a name of an atheist organization that does that. Then reread the "greatest commandment" and tell me I'm a monster.
Atheism is not a belief system. Therefore all I can do is illustrate secular (Non-Religious) Organizations that help people. Many of which I donate to. I also volunteer for Meals on Wheels and at out local soup kitchen when time permits. I used to donate my professional services for free to our local Habitat for Humanity until I found out that the board members would ONLY consider families in need that were Christian. Then I told them they were on their own. But here are some secular non-religious charities and organizations that help people all the time.

National Ataxia Foundation
Amnesty International
Doctors Without Borders
Engineers Without Borders
Donors Choose
Wheelchair Foundation
Planned Parenthood
Any Gay, Lesbian rights associations
Most AIDS research foundations
Any Pro-Choice foundation
National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

There's plenty more too. You probably won't like them because they are geared toward actually helping people without trying to convert them or preach to them. The only mission is helping... not converting. Which I can't say for most churches.

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