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Thanks for the welcome everyone,

Originally Posted by theSteve View Post
Congrats! A gen4 27 was my first glock. I'm sure you'll love it. Biggest complaint you'll hear is probably the recoil. Get a pinky extender and you'll be good to go.
A friend of mine that went with me for our CCW class borrowed a Gen 4 27 for the shooting portion. I borrowed a friends M&P 9. I shot the 27 and it felt kind of awkward but I shot it GREAT. It definitely did have some kick and with that short little grip I think that's why I thought it felt funny but it's hard to argue how well I shot it. I did a lot of reading up and nothing could steer me away from getting one.

I ended up buying a used Gen 4 27 on armslist with 40-9 Lonewolf conversion, Fobus holster, #3.5 trigger connector and XS big dot sites on it. Also has the mag with the pinky extension and makes a world of difference. Some other goodies too.

Now I just need to figure out how to get some range time.

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