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10mm! I hunted with it for 2 decades. Now 70 yrs old, I limit the size pig I am taking out of the boggy bottoms. Populations control I shoot for sexually immature females. That puts them under 18months old and maybe 120 or so pounds. If ya know pig anatomy, you are under 20 yds, you contol the location and direction of the wound channel.....the full power 10 mm from a. 6" glock 20 will put a lot of pork in the freezer.

In younger days the largest pig I've taken with the 10 mm (g20) was 234# boar. I was in ground blind. Shot was 12 yds. Took both lungs down and a hole in top of heart. He went farther than ya'd think with that shot.

10 mm is a terrific caliber. It is not magic though and is exactly as good as the shooter.

The glock 20 is a great partner for the 10mm. No hammer cock, no safety click, safety trigger stroke let's you make sure of wound channel path. The 6" barrel is worth an extra 100 fps or so.

Culling Texas white tail does and feral pigs for the freezer, perfect combo.

Texas, I luv u

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