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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
Mitt Romney can't win this election. Mitt Romney can make the good argument about the economy and the debt, but unfortunately for him he's also running against a sleeping giant. Woman's rights.

If anyone doesn't think a Mitt Romney win can and will have an effect on Rowe v Wade is dangerously misinformed. Whether that effect will be positive or negative depends on your perspective.

The Right is going to perceive a Romney win as a mandate for agenda's far beyond the concepts of debt reduction and tax reform. The Dem's hold a lead in the Senate, now but heaven help my daughters and granddaughters if that should change.

If you lack the internal organs to grow, nurish then birth human life (IMHO) you really don't have a say in the matter. You literally didn't build that. GTF out of my babies womb.

Mitt Romney would be glad to sign personhood amendments and the Republimens would be happy to write them. Don't kid yourself otherwise.
My goodness, a scare monger.

You want to see what will happen to your rights?

Allow obama a few SC nominations.
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