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Originally Posted by razdog76 View Post
I acknowledged my error a few posts, but the ejector will still be longer on the magnum because the barrel is longer, and the cylinder is longer, and thus will still be IMHO easier and more reliable to eject empties.
Okay, to put this to an end... I took out both my M640-1 and my M642-5 or whatever it is... and measured the ejectors with my unscientific measuring tape.

The visible portion of the magnum ejector measure 24mm and th+e non-magnum measures 16mm, for a difference of 50% or 8mm... which roughly translates to about less than 1/3" which sort of correlates to the barrel length difference of 1/4" due to the longer cut out of the full underlug barrel.

Then there is the difference in length of the cylinder to accommodate the magnum cartridges, which in itself would necessitate a longer ejector to clear the cases out.

When engaged, the magnum pushes the cases out 25mm past the end of the cylinder while the non magnum pushes the cases out 17mm beyond the cylinder, according to my non-scientific measuring tape.

So now the question is when cases bulge, would that extra 8mm make any difference in clearing the malfunction?

In my years of shooting all my J-frames, I have never experienced any malfunctions and my cases have all ejected just fine when I plunge the ejector with my left or right hand.
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