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Sending my WASR 10/63 to the gunsmith...

I'm sending my AK to the gunsmith to fix a minor front site post cant on the rifle.

I am also having him install new sights since he'll be messing around the front site post.

I have two questions, that I would appreciate some feed back on.

My barrel is not threaded, or at least if it is it is welded and pinned due to being NYS compliant. I was thinking of having a muzzle break/flash suppressor installed. Any suggestions for any good ones? I have little knowledge of breaks/flash suppressors because if they aren't pinned, they are illegal in NY (Which he will do after installing the break)

Second Question:

I'm ordering a Kreb's custom rear peep sight. I was originally thinking of installing that with a tritium front sight bar from XS sights. However, my local gun shop owners, who own rifles with that setup, advised against it. They say that for close, quick sight acquisition its great, but the front sight bar is too big for the rear peep and past 50 or so yards, its amazingly difficult to aim.

Any suggestions on a good front sight that works well with Kreb's custom rear aperture sights?

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