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All kinds of things are being said to suppress votes for Romney.

This will come down to who votes. If we vote we win. I don't care what the dims say. If we go out and vote, we win. This is about ending the 4 year nightmare! This is about correcting a national mistake. It isn't about abortion or the made-up "war on women." It isn't about binders or big bird. It is about the destruction of our economy, the debacle in Benghazi, the corrupt gifting of money to "green" energy companies, Fast and Furious, a justice dept. run amuck, the EPA run amuck, and many more scandals! Don't like one of the scandals? Pick another. There are plenty! But all of these have resulted in a failed presidency.

But that is nothing but a rant unless we get out and vote. Celebrate your ability to make your statement. Vote!
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