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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
Yeah ... There's no concern over womens rights. The Democrats are just imagining the Mandatory Ultrasound laws that Republicans put in place in several states in 2011 and 2012.

The Democrats are hypnotizing the Republicans to make them vote against renewing the Violence Against Women Act in 2012.
Originally Posted by Cali-Glock View Post
1) it is the right of a sovereign nation state (of which 50 make up these united States) to pass such laws as they see fit.
Perhaps it's not. Abortion is still a legally protected privacy in America. Imagine if you had to be anally probed before you did something legally protected in a blue state, like buy a gun.

If you're not for protecting women against voilence, then you are for perpetrators who offend women.

Originally Posted by Cali-Glock View Post
2) How are anyone's rights infringed by requiring a woman to see their child - and to witness with their own eyes that indeed it is a living child before they move forward with killing said child?
I can not speak directly to the point. I am not a woman, but it seems mighty intrusive and demeaning. What is the point of it other than to try to super-impose a code of ethics/morals? I think the mother knows she's pregnant with a living child.

It tickles me how the GOP is so high and mighty toward conception and personhood, but when that embreyo becomes an infant that needs food and healthcare the Rights says, "you're own your own!"
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