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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
That's why people are winning in competition with H&K all over the world...I mean, if anybody actually was...that would be why...instead of winning with guns that cost half the price by do a lot better on accuracy, speed and reliability.

Although I believe that the statement you quoted to be silly, your arguement is a little off. HK has a far different business model than Glock and S&W. HK makes expensive, high quality guns and focuses on military contracts. Glock and S&W makes excellent, but lower costing striker fired designs and they want them in every holster possible. Sponsering alot of pro shooters helps them. I know HK has a shooting team also, but their emphasis is clearly not on it. They don't advertise a whole lot compared to Glock or S&W either. Plus, in pro shooting, its the indian not the arrow. There are people out there smoking the competition with Taurus for God sakes.
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