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Originally Posted by BEER View Post
no no sir, you mistake me. i love seafood, but i love it where i can taste the actual seafood and not 9 metric tons of spices, seasonings and god only knows what else. and when i eat shrimp i want to taste just shrimp and not shrimp, gator, crab, anus scorching corn, onions, mudbug brains, and whatever else you happen to have leftover in the fridge that night. lol

any one of those things alone is fine, but so far i've yet to eat anything over there that was just any 1 critter at a time. lol

It sounds like you have been eating Creole stuff, not Cajun. Creole food is more spicy and less flavor, while Cajun food is less spicy and more flavorful.

If the spice/pepper overrides the entire dishes flavor, somebody has screwed it up.
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