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Originally Posted by 77Bronc View Post
I have lived here all of my life, college degree from LSU, best damn university there is...excellent job working for THE major oil company, getting ready to retire in next 18 wife is full blooded Cajun girl....

The tax base is great, the auto insurance is insane, the hurricanes can be a pain and the heat in the summer brutal....I love it here.

Louisiana is a way of my business I travel a lot and I have been all over the country and parts of the world, but after being gone for a few days, I really miss the many have replied, the food is the best there is period....what some places pass for "Cajun" food should be against the law...

Very gun friendly state, special amendment on November 6 that will hopefully provide a barrier from more bull**** government gun control laws...I dont know all of the details, but will do more reading this weekend....

If you have kids, need to consider private schools unless you are in St. Tammany parish...reasonable gas prices....Mardi Gras can be fun....

I sent ya a PM prying for more details

Originally Posted by NOLA_glock View Post
The best part is when you go outside in the mid 70s and get all sweaty from the humidity.

We're sticky people, here.

And yes, N.O. is dangerous, with TONS of panhandling homeless at intersections and tourist hotspots, violent crime, drugs, and trashy people in general (especially the tourists and semi-local tourists if you're in the Vieux Carré). It's also the kind of place I like -- not for those reasons, obviously. I love lots of things about New Orleans despite its flaws. As tantrix said, every city has many of the same problems.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with not liking cities, and I'd think no matter what your thing is, you'll love it here.

Maybe tantrix can give you the breakdown of the Creole/Acadian/redneck parts of the state.

ETA: I'll give another nod to our food. Some people don't know it, but Cajun and Creole cooking are two distinct styles, and both are fantastic. You'll be spoiled rotten.
I'd sure like to see what it's all about(N.O.), but really just doesn't attract me. Seems like it would be pretty cool to be able to take guests out on the weekend to see the city, and its attractions, or heck, just to get out myself now and then.

This swamp thing though... I think I want that.

Originally Posted by noway View Post
Cajun are typically more country like and made from simpler food items but not necessary bad tasting foods.

Creole ( which is I ) are city based food with more richer ingredients but not always the best tasty depending on how it's cook. NOLA is pretty much what we call Creole Food and most of that area and the surrounding areas are Creole based foods. Until you get way past Baton Rouge and farther down I10 corridor is Cajun country as I call it.

If you stray too far north of I10 , then you ought to be in Arkansas or Mississippi ( hope I spelled it right )

You typically will NOT find true Cajun foods out side Cajun country and almost zero in NOLA. Most people outside LA has no clue what Creole or Cajun is. Goes back to, just because it's written down as Cajun or Sprinkle with red-pepper or creole seasoning, don't make it Cajun or Creole.
This food stuff is getting out of hand. I'm gonna have to get a list of restaurants and verify their authenticity with you guys before dining there!
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