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If you are set on a five shot revolver, I saw get a .357. There are a couple reasons, and none of them are so you can torture yourself. Most 38 special, and 357 magnum loads were designed with 4" barrels in mind. There are some exceptions, but IMHO, only hits count, and pounding recoil and muzzle flash is not conducive to accuracy.

1.The .357 snubbies have a slightly longer barrel, which gives a better sight radius.

2.They have a longer ejector rod... lets you clear empty (38 special) cases easier. I used to have to shoot a 60 round course of fire with mine.

3. There's flexibility to shoot two different calibers.

4. I carry a S&W model 38 for my BUG. I have carried Colt Detectives which I liked better. Currently, I think the Ruger LCR's are the way to go. They have a much better trigger out of the box. They seem to sell a lot of them, S&W came out with their own polymer frame version, so they must be doing something right. I have said it many times when this topic comes up, that if they made a 6-shot version, I would buy it tomorrow.
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