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Cajun are typically more country like and made from simpler food items but not necessary bad tasting foods.

Creole ( which is I ) are city based food with more richer ingredients but not always the best tasty depending on how it's cook. NOLA is pretty much what we call Creole Food and most of that area and the surrounding areas are Creole based foods. Until you get way past Baton Rouge and farther down I10 corridor is Cajun country as I call it.

If you stray too far north of I10 , then you ought to be in Arkansas or Mississippi ( hope I spelled it right )

You typically will NOT find true Cajun foods out side Cajun country and almost zero in NOLA. Most people outside LA has no clue what Creole or Cajun is. Goes back to, just because it's written down as Cajun or Sprinkle with red-pepper or creole seasoning, don't make it Cajun or Creole.
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