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Originally Posted by NOLA_glock View Post
Maybe tantrix can give you the breakdown of the Creole/Acadian/redneck parts of the state.
Creole will be mostly NOLA, with some in Marksville and also Natchitoches. Cajun will be West of New Orleans all the way to the TX border (and even into SE Texas), and also in Marksville. Redneck will be pretty much everyone else who isn't of Cajun or Creole decent, usually the entire Northern part of the state...North of I-10 is a good measuring stick.

Originally Posted by NOLA_glock View Post
ETA: I'll give another nod to our food. Some people don't know it, but Cajun and Creole cooking are two distinct styles, and both are fantastic. You'll be spoiled rotten.

Anything Creole is mostly tomato based and spicier, Cajun is roux based (usually a dark thin roux) and less spicy but with more flavor. I prefer Cajun style cuisine, but I do occasionally cook Creole dishes like Shrimp Creole.

Here's a pic of my last Shrimp Creole...notice the red coloring from the tomato base:

The Okie Corral

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