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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post

If you can hang with us here in LA, you're a special breed. I haven't met a Yankee yet that hasn't pissed and moaned the entire time about the heat, bugs, blah blah blah.

They usually end up quitting after being called candy-asses and sissy-boys day after day.
The best part is when you go outside in the mid 70s and get all sweaty from the humidity.

We're sticky people, here.

And yes, N.O. is dangerous, with TONS of panhandling homeless at intersections and tourist hotspots, violent crime, drugs, and trashy people in general (especially the tourists and semi-local tourists if you're in the Vieux Carré). It's also the kind of place I like -- not for those reasons, obviously. I love lots of things about New Orleans despite its flaws. As tantrix said, every city has many of the same problems.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with not liking cities, and I'd think no matter what your thing is, you'll love it here.

Maybe tantrix can give you the breakdown of the Creole/Acadian/redneck parts of the state.

ETA: I'll give another nod to our food. Some people don't know it, but Cajun and Creole cooking are two distinct styles, and both are fantastic. You'll be spoiled rotten.
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