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I've carried a M640 for many years and now I have a M642 airweight. The airweight is about half the weight of the full stainless one and only 2 ounces heavier than the Scandium which cost twice as much. Best bang for the buck.

I couldn't shoot full power magnums out of the J anyway so the full stainless was a waste of money and weight. The airweight handles the regular +P just fine and is very easy to carry in the off side pocket in a Mika holster.

I keep my off hand in my pocket with a firm grip on the butt on certain contacts and situations where I want my hand on a gun but don't want to cause alarm by having my strong hand on the grip of the duty gun. People complain about that around here and say it's intimidating or whatever. But it gives me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling knowing I already have a gun in my hand ready to go at a moment's notice. To the outside world, it just looks like I have my off hand in my pants pocket. Low key... heck... it's no key.

You can also get the Bodyguard series 649 with the shrouded hammer instead of the hammerless so you can have the option of cocking the gun for single action if your policy allows for it.
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