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Originally Posted by BlackPaladin View Post
I appreciate the comments so far. I am set against an auto as a backup for personal reasons. It seems that so far what I am hearing is that the S&W 442 with +p .38 is a good option in an ankle holster.

For the sake of asking, is the 340pd (scandium) worth the weight savings in an ankle carried snub?
I was going to recommend the 340. Not only is it lighter, but it allows you to shoot .357 mag rounds in addition to .38.

As far as location, I wear mine on my vest in a uncle mikes vest holster. The armor straps pass through the holster and hold it tight. Mine is on my right side, allowing for a left handed draw if needed. I have also heard of officers carrying in a cargo pocket if allowed at your agency. Desantis nemesis are great holsters in either the normal or cargo pocket variety.

I agree with you that a revolver is the way to go as a bug. Many officers don't realize that autos will not fire if the slide is pushed back. Basically if you jam an auto into someone's gut it may not fire..

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